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September 22, 2017 Command Alkon

Pros That Know During ELEVATE 2017 Is Just One Way to Leverage Industry Expertise Found at Command Alkon​

Building on 100s of years of combined expertise in disciplines spanning across the Heavy Building Materials Ecosystem, a new Pros that Know opportunity has been added to the lineup of learning opportunities being offered at this year’s ELEVATE Conference, Command Alkon’s annual industry event.

To stay competitive in any business, in any market, you have to be continually evaluating how to improve, how to keep up with the changing demands of your customers and the environment that your business operates in.  But sometimes it is hard to find insight from deep within the trenches of your daily grind or dig out from under business practices and processes that have been ingrained in your company for years.  A fresh perspective from an expert that has both the technical skills and market background applicable to your business can shed new light on old problems, or even new ones.

At this year’s ELEVATE Conference you can take advantage of the years of industry experience and technical expertise found in our employees to bring a new perspective to some of your specific business challenges.  Find out more on our Conference event website, Pros that Know page.

But access to our Pros does not stop at ELEVATE.  Command Alkon industry experts are available to help you all of the time.  Review just some of the areas where we can bring fresh insights into your operations on our Expertise page.

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