Ensuring Quality Concrete – From Mix to Plant to Placement

October 23, 2017 Command Alkon

Structure Magazine Reviews the Full Spectrum of Challenges in the Field Surrounding the Quality of Ready Mix Concrete​

As the use of high specification concrete continues to increase, ready mix producers, contractors, labs and engineers are taxed with the increasing demands of ensuring the quality of the ready mixed concrete used in building today’s structures.  For ready mix operations, quality control technicians, concrete dispatches, batch plant operators, and drivers all have roles to play in delivering and placing a quality product on the job site.  For a larger perspective of all the challenges surrounding the quality of ready mix concrete review Structure Magazine’s recent article on Ensuring Quality Concrete.

Ready mix producers deal with the wide array of quality challenges surrounding the complex process of designing, producing, and delivering ready mix concrete on each and every load.  The delivery process itself is plagued by an overall lack of visibility into the properties of the concrete once a batch of concrete is loaded into the truck and sent out of the yard.  But solutions to eliminate this lack of visibility during the delivery process and work in tangent with your existing dispatch, production, and quality management systems are now within the reach of ready mix producers.  Are you interested in a solution that provides you insight into the quality of the concrete in the drum of your truck, which also helps you shave precious minutes off your delivery cycle time?  Click here so we can tell you more.

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