Control Tower Visibility: More than a View from Above

January 30, 2019 Karli Langner

How many business transactions does your company engage in daily with your partners? Not just sales and purchase transactions, but all business transactions: negotiations, orders placed and received, contracts granted and executed, exchanges with trading partners and third-party providers, returns, rejects and expedited orders.

If you’re not yet keeping a close eye on these processes and functions, welcome to Control Tower 101!

How Virtual Control Towers Help Global Supply Chains

The multi-party networks in global supply chains have so many moving parts and competing interests that “visibility” alone is no longer a solution.

Moving beyond an overview of customer, supplier, transportation and other business activities, the virtual control tower gives supply chain managers the ability to proactively address potential issues across all functional areas—working with business partners to anticipate and solve problems—as well as do real-time order planning, exceptions management, granular order details. The wide-ranging benefits include:

  • End-to-end visibility. A control tower supports visibility across supply chain partners—suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carriers, third-party logistics partners, etc.—as well as visibility into the transport of goods from producers to jobsites, etc.
  • Information sharing. Information sharing via a control tower enables all partners to collaborate in real time.
  • Rich data for better decisions. The collection of rich data from each transaction among trading partners provides fresh, big-picture data with full context, enabling analytics that can uncover trends; monitor carriers’ performance; measure improvements; and enable better, more-informed business decisions.
  • Actionability and accountability. At its most sophisticated, a transportation control tower can identify and apply automation criteria to routine tasks, eliminating re-entry errors and freeing up brainpower for more value-added tasks. To gain this top-to-bottom level of control, your control tower should be built on a single shared platform integrated with your ERP.
  • Early warning alerts and exception management. These functions help to resolve supply chain disruptions before they disrupt your business. With more complexity being added every day, digital virtual control towers offer a single source of truth about your orders, ensuring real-time events management across all milestones and parties so that you can truly manage by exception.
  • Predictive and prescriptive decision-support. The ability to use both predictive and prescriptive analytics allows for better planning.
  • Autonomous decision-making and control. This benefit “takes the robot out of the human” to boost productivity.
  • Cognitive functions. The self-correcting supply chain enables decision-making and machine learning.

At Command Alkon, we believe in building an amazing world. As the Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, we’re dramatically improving how contractors, bulk material suppliers, logistics providers, jobsite inspectors, project owners and more interact. Our See Together, Work Together, and Grow Together capabilities deliver increased productivity, real-time visibility, keen business insights, and certainty of outcomes when building the things that matter.

Control Tower Solutions enable trading partners to connect electronically and exchange data and information with each other via a common platform.

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