$300,000 Thrown Away. Don't Let Concrete Errors Cost You!

June 22, 2018 Karli Langner

Quality Control; It Can Save Money and Lives

I believe it goes without saying that quality control is so important in construction work. Poor quality results in additional costs and delays when work has to be redone, a poor reputation for contractors, additional costs to clients when defects have to be repaired later, and most importantly - injury or even death if the structure fails.

​Recent Example of the Effects of Poor Quality Concrete

A construction company poured about half a mile of new concrete on a major Detroit-area freeway, but The Michigan Department of Transportation said that the concrete poured did not meet quality standards. Spokesman Jeff Cranson said Interstate Highway Construction tore it up and is pouring it again at no additional cost to taxpayers. 

Cranson said MDOT would have paid about $300,000 for that stretch of new freeway.

The Colorado-based contractor, which has a Midwest office in Owosso, has a $90 million contract to rebuild I-696 in Macomb County.

How Can We Help?

Command Alkon can help with quality assurance. We have solutions that monitor mix quality and production control and mix management and provide visibility into fresh concrete properties from load to pour.

COMMANDqc provides all the tools you need to manage materials, mixes, tolerances, documentation, and testing and analysis. It enables you to make mass mix adjustments in minutes instead of days. Monitor your batches in real time to reduce out-of-tolerance loads​.

COMMANDassurance captures real-time and historical data on the properties of your fresh concrete from load to pour. Real-time data helps you make decisions that can ensure quality, avert risk, enhance production, and increase delivery efficiency.

To start a conversation about what these products can do for your business, please contact us. We would love to guide you in your quality control efforts!

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