Ticketing Proof Holds Substantial Weight

May 31, 2019 Karli Langner

Apex technology is specific to the needs of bulk materials suppliers. The dispatch software helps to meet the rising demands of the modern customer and powerful insights link trading partners, process, and data together. Apex, in conjunction with site-automation technologies, deliver impressive improvements in the speed and efficiency of operations.

The Scale Watcher module helps to ensure that every truck that has pulled through the scale has been ticketed. Camera/video footage can identify when loads go out the door that were not ticketed and can send an alert for scale weight changes without a ticket going out.

Why Should I Care About Scale Watcher?

Scale Watcher is the next generation of hardware and software to provide photo and video verification of a truck’s weighing process. Scale Watcher is an integrated photo verification tool that overlays ticket information onto a photo of a truck on the scale. This image is then saved in a PDF, HTML or other image-friendly format by ticket number. The ticket number provides easy retrieval of image to email to customers. Scale Watcher provides you and your customers proof of vehicle pickup without signatures.

The plant houses many extremely valuable and expensive assets. People may be tempted to see these materials as prime targets to take and resell. With Scale Watcher, an optional Gate/Valve anti-theft module alerts authorized personnel of potential theft of materials. The anti-theft module sends an email alert to one or more designated addresses whenever the gate/valve is opened and closed on a loading system and a ticket is not printed. The gate/valve anti-theft module is not reliant upon the scale or software to function and will work after hours when the plant is shut down.

The Scale Sensing feature will also send an alert if: a truck has left the scale, but no ticket was generated; the tare weight is above the set threshold; the gross weight from the scale does not match that printed on the ticket; the weight on the scale exceeds the truck GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight); or the ticketing system loses connection with the scale indicator.  

Scale Watcher provides these features and benefits to help you transform your cement/aggregate operations:

  • Easy retrieval of the photos by ticket number
  • Provides ironclad photographic proof of vehicle pickup without signatures
  • Optional anti-theft module captures anomalous events
  • Images can be printed on the delivery ticket
  • Ability to print or email photos to customers
  • Ticket information on the photo image is customizable
  • Compatible with Apex software
  • Multiple cameras may be utilized
  • Total site security is available with add-on cameras
  • Accessible via the web

​Want to learn more about Apex technology? We've got you covered.

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