Prepare For Natural Disasters Before They Become A Threat

June 13, 2019 Karli Langner

Natural disasters can take many shapes — Wildfires. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Hail storms.

Statistically, close to seven hurricanes strike the United States every four years, with a significant rise in this number in recent years. Major earthquakes happen less often but can also be devastating. Inland flooding is also becoming a more common occurrence, while persistent drought — especially in the West — puts a lot of states at risk for wildfires.

The month of June marks the beginning of hurricane season, and if contractors haven’t already begun planning for disaster, the time is now. Take action before a disaster makes you take action.

Construction companies need to prepare for the worst when storms pose a threat to their job sites and have a plan for dealing with the ramifications after a storm passes. Construction technology can help make this planning process easier.

Just like any project or plan, disaster planning can get complicated. Project managers should consider implementing a centralized, cloud-based system to keep important documents safe from natural disasters and instantly accessible in the event an evacuation is necessary.

A cloud-based system makes it easier to determine action steps critical to minimizing damage to jobsites. It can also help project managers and subcontractors get back to work once the all-clear signal is given by automatically updating project timelines, assignments, and to-do lists.

Be proactive and take steps to plan out communication and recovery processes to minimize damage, costs and risk, just in case disaster does strike.

Are you a materials supplier? Check out these 10 ways to prepare your plant or aggregate site for a hurricane or other natural disasters.

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