Unreliable Pipeline and Forecast Got You Down?

July 17, 2018 Karli Langner

Lagging information and inaccuracies are a major problem when it comes to quoting processes. Incorrect information leads to pricing errors that can cause headaches downstream through accounting reworks and other unforeseen costs, such as credits and rebills.

Oftentimes, quotes placed into the quoting system start shipping before paperwork has even made it into the dispatch system. To add to this perplexity, roughly 25% of Heavy Building Materials production volume is quoted and shipped within 24 hours. In the hustle and bustle to win and immediately ship the order, unintended errors can creep into the process, such as outdated pricing and unauthorized accounts.

We live in the “age of Amazon,” where you can place orders online and know that they will be shipped immediately. This kind of service is expected from any provider nowadays. Nobody shops from catalogs any longer; this antiquated approach requires someone to physically carry the paperwork back to the office to submit and then process the paperwork across numerous desks before the order can be shipped.

This method just doesn’t fly anymore – especially when there’s no visibility to even ensure that you are providing accurate information to your customer. The thought of it in today’s world is absolutely ridiculous from a consumer perspective, so why do we accept it so readily in our industry?

There’s no reason to live with inaccuracies, delays, or the under or overestimated pipelines and forecasts that the industry has so widely accepted in the sales process.

Command Alkon has a solution for you. Let us help you eliminate the frustration of inaccurate sales pipeline and forecasts.

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