In an Amazon World, It’s Essential for Your Operation to Drive an Efficient Fleet

April 1, 2019 Karli Langner

Businesses are being tasked to provide similar experiences that consumers receive when ordering from a large e-commerce platform such as Amazon. Today’s Fleet Management solutions help businesses improve the customer experience by providing visibility from dispatch to delivery so that customers constantly receive information on where their orders are. and be notified if their orders will be late or if there is an issue in fulfillment.

Command Alkon brings a flexible, fully customizable solution—TrackIt—to track fleets and address specific needs of businesses, including in-cab time and attendance functionality. It helps to recapture lost time in the yard, enabling clients to drive efficient fleets and improve profitability.

TrackIt uses GPS truck tracking and telematics equipment to provide a constant view of the location of the entire fleet. The information gathered with TrackIt can be used to improve a driver’s performance by discovering areas for improvement, such as breaking at a restaurant on the approved route or taking too long to clock in/out.

The TrackIt Turn-Key service offering removes hardware risk by replacing failures at no charge to the customer while also eliminating large, upfront CapEx costs. The service offers a new ruggedized tablet device with replaceable batteries and fully functional and reliable engine interface. Clients with requirements for robust engine diagnostics also benefit from the TrackIt Turn-Key service.

The new Engine Data Connection (EDC) device comes as an optional solution along with a specialized software stack and can provide customers with more reliable, and more engine data than has ever been available. The combination of the EDC device with the software allows fleet owners and operators to easily capture and transfer the engine diagnostic data from their trucks.

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