How to Improve the Safety Culture at Your Aggregate Quarry Site

April 18, 2019 Karli Langner

As an industry, we’re doing a better job of keeping workers safe on the job site, all of which supports better morale and our bottom line. But how can we rein in the injuries that the National Safety Council have noted continue to occur?

A good place to start is creating a culture of safety that goes beyond compliance — including empowering all workers, employees or contractors. And although most safety incidents are behaviorally based, we can take advantage of available, emerging or under-consideration tech solutions that’ll minimize the chance of an accident happening, like:

  • Wearables to monitor heat stress or limit access to restricted areas
  • Sensors to avoid human and machine interaction
  • Drones for inspections
  • Mobile devices for safety reporting and information
  • Collision avoidance radar
  • Remote diagnostics for making people safer on the job
  • Remote monitoring, so users can take preventative actions and plan for potential shutdowns, even if they’re not on site

Nip the “wandering truck driver” problem in the bud

When it comes to in-bound delivery truck drivers who spend time on a job site, it makes sense to keep tabs on driver whereabouts and ensure their safety with software designed to meet the operational needs of aggregate, asphalt and cement producers:

  • Feature-rich Apex software automates and optimizes your truck scale ticketing, asphalt batching and loadout, transportation and back office processes to maximize efficiency, profitability and safety. The Apex approach uses a combination of automatic identification technology, driver kiosks, wireless loader systems, and remote printers and driver displays combined with in-cab telematics systems, to gain better control of traffic flow, driver communications, batching and ticketing processes. In addition, a Scale Watcher weighing verification solution enables better control of traffic flow, driver communications and load out processes and throughput.
  • Built specifically for the bulk material transportation industry, TrackIt fleet and workforce management system offers superior mapping, customized alerts and smart reporting backed by powerful integrations into today’s leading dispatch systems. Your results include full visibility into your fleet, to maximize efficiency and save money on labor, fuel and fleet maintenance.

Using a combination of mobile systems and a weighing verification solution, Apex sites gain better control of traffic flow, driver communications and loadout processes while improving site throughput and safety.

Simple process improvements — like making sure truck drivers stay inside their cabs while on job sites — make profound improvements to the productivity and safety of bulk materials sites.

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