How Technology & Automation Smooth the Path for Construction Projects

December 19, 2018 Karli Langner

Many of us in the construction industry are being forced to adapt to more complicated, longer and larger construction projects. But we’re not necessarily keeping up or remaining competitive: McKinsey recently reported that some large projects are running 20% over time and up to 80% over budget.

There’s a better way to address the demands of project complexity:

  • Real-time visibility for project transparency and improved productivity. Inefficient project management techniques—like manual processes, phone calls and emails—often result in out-of-date project schedules, poor decisions and project delays. With the vast amount of information generated in large projects, a work-execution platform is a better solution. This solution enables real-time and remote project updates from the job site (including via a mobile app) and provides both office and remote employees access to the most-recent iteration of plans or changes. With this solution in hand, all departments involved on a project are working from the same real-time information.
  • Project automation. It’s an industry truism that poorly managed project dependencies can stop a project dead in its tracks, as people wait for information or approvals. But a solution with automation rules, automated alerts, digital signatures, and automatically updated project documentation means all necessary personnel are automatically notified about changes impacting their tasks via an automatically updated schedule. Some solutions can digitize manual processes like punch lists, change orders and safety logs and store them in a single central location for easy access.
  • Project collaboration tools. Workers from project managers to field workers must collaborate. And while mobile devices can greatly improve communication, companies also need to create processes that ease real-time collaboration. A single tool can help, but it may leave “silos” of information. A cloud-based platform allows companies to avoid siloed data and see a complete picture of the entire project, thereby enabling collaboration between employees, contractors, and clients in real time. A platform that solves other challenges, like bid tracking, change orders, submittals, and safety order inspections, can provide additional efficiency.

When everyone on a project has access to all project documents and up-to-date timelines—and can collaborate in real-time—construction projects are more likely to be completed on time and on budget, with consistency and efficiency. Command Alkon automates manual processes within your construction business, such as paper-based time and mileage logs, invoicing, proof of delivery with signature and much more. Learn how automation can bring your construction business into the 21st century. Let Command Alkon be your technology partner.

Automation increases the productivity of the construction project, reduces the duration and laborious work, and increases the construction safety, increases the quality of work as compared to unskilled workers.​

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