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May 17, 2017 Command Alkon

Delta Industries Consolidated Data and Unlocked Hidden Benefits With COMMANDqc

 “Staying on top of all of the various factors that affect concrete quality hasn’t been easy,” says Les Howell, Vice President and Chief Engineer at Delta Industries.

Les and his team of QC professionals needed a way to consolidate data across Delta’s operations throughout Mississippi (and surrounding areas), giving them an up-to-the-minute analysis of batch tolerances, concrete test data, and the ability of quickly update concrete mixtures when changes in materials sourcing occurred.

Both Les and Delta had previous experience in working with the experts at Command Alkon.  Delta uses our Integra dispatching software and our COMMANDbatch plant automation software across its operations.  Selecting COMMANDqc was not a “sure thing” for Les and Delta, but they soon recognized that incorporating COMMANDqc with their other Command Alkon products, gave them a single-source solution for data consolidation and a centralized system for QC reporting and mix design generation.

Once COMMANDqc was installed, Delta soon uncovered which plants were over-batching and costing the company unneeded materials expense.  They were also able to document and show materials suppliers how variations in their products were affecting the concrete Delta produced (leading these same suppliers to investigate their own operations and testing).

Are the “Unknown Unknowns” keeping you awake at night? Want to get the “Known” view that Les and Delta discovered about their operations and product quality?  Then read the white paper and discover how seeing “The Big Picture” of your operations makes for a more restful night.

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