Do You Have an Inventory Shrinkage Problem?

February 26, 2020 Command Alkon

All producers are challenged with costs that mercilessly challenge the bottom line. 

Sadly, there’s one more thing you must watch for…inventory shrinkage.

As an employer, you want to believe that your employees are loyal and trustworthy. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't the case. In our base of 10,000 plus installations of COMMANDbatch, we have uncovered many methods to take money out of the owner’s pockets.  Does your plant automation provide adequate inventory consumption monitoring?

Ask your plant automation provider if your system is secure.  What happens when:

  • During the discharge of material (cement, sand, etc.) into the truck (or mixer) an operator manually feeds additional material that falls straight through the scale.

  • During the weigh up of a batch the operator puts the system into hold and weighs up the balance of a load.  A cooperative driver backs a new truck under the plant and the operator discharges the materials into that truck.  The ‘correct’ truck then pulls under the plant, the operator releases the hold, and the system continues the load.
  • While the system has a load weighed up, and is waiting for authorization for discharge, the operator mechanically opens the discharge gate and empties the scale into the (wrong) truck.
  • The operator turns off the computer and/or the ticket printer and batches manually.

We’ve talked with many producers, believing they had adequate controls, that discovered their plant automation allowed tens of thousands of dollars of raw materials to be lost. 

Rely on the Command Alkon’s COMMANDbatch software with E-Z CAL IP hardware to protect your business.  COMMANDbatch software is regularly updated and now automatically delivered to improve safety, operation, and control.

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