Prevent a Mistake from Turning in to a Failure

July 16, 2018 Karli Langner

Although we may not realize it, we take preventative measures everyday to protect our well-being. Checking to make sure utilities are turned off before leaving our homes; looking both ways before we pull out in to a four-way; keeping extra tea bags in our office desk drawers, just in case we don't like the tea that's available in the break room that day (this one might just be me).

A concrete manufacturer earlier this month was sued for falsifying documents about the panels that it manufactured that were later found to be defective.

The plaintiffs allege that the company knowingly provided concrete panels that did not meet contract specifications,  skirted quality-control requirements and then falsified records attesting to the panels’ quality. The company is being sued on numerous counts.

This is a lousy situation all around. Had the company taken action to monitor the quality of the concrete delivered, they wouldn't be in such a pickle.

Prevention is all around us - down to silly matters, such as tea. The structures that are built to enhance our lives can't do so if they're constantly crumbling and putting people at risk of injury or death. We need to safeguard the well-being of the things that truly matter in our lives, and taking preventative action to ensure the quality of the building materials, specifically concrete, used in building these structures meet all of the required specifications.

COMMANDqc has all of the tools that you need to manage materials, mixes, tolerances, documentation, and testing and analysis in one, centralized location. When used correctly it can help ensure that your raw materials conform to supplier and customer requirements. It can help reduce waste, control mix costs, save time, and prevent legal proceedings for your business.

Let us help you put the control back in "quality control," today!

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