Command Alkon Introduces Next-Gen Material Science Visibility Solution Assuring Concrete Quality from Plant through Placement

December 18, 2017 Command Alkon

COMMANDassurance Delivers Real-Time Data on Concrete Properties End-to-End via Telematics across Production, Dispatch, Drivers and Quality Control Personnel

Birmingham, AL – December 19, 2017 – Command Alkon, the global leader in integrated software and technology solutions for the heavy building materials industry, is proud to introduce COMMANDassurance, the company’s newest product in their solution portfolio. COMMANDassurance addresses a significant problem most all ready-mix producers face; which is the lack of real-time visibility into the material properties of fresh concrete while in transit to a jobsite. Having this data assures quality and job specification requirements are met, while also providing significant safety improvement, material waste removal, and time savings opportunities.

“Having real-time vision and historical data related to the material science of fresh concrete at one’s finger tips is a game changer for our ready-mix customers,” said Monty Newport, Senior Vice President of Customer Success and Account Services. “COMMANDassurance allows for visibility between plant and pour, and in parallel more than pays for itself by removing the costs of unnecessary truck time in yard and at the jobsite, mix overdesign, and material waste. Innovators are finding COMMANDassurance a win-win across many dimensions.”

A key differentiator of COMMANDassurance is its end-to-end integration with software and related technology for ready-mix production, dispatch, quality control, and fleet management. Combined with minimal hardware to install and maintain, the COMMANDassurance methodology is the most robust, streamlined, and easily scalable solution available.

Material science visibility makes meaningful contributions across a producer’s entire operations:

• Real-time data on a load’s properties to both the driver and dispatch personnel, throughout the delivery cycles, reduces time spent in the yard, making load adjustments, testing the load, and washing out and dumping drum contents; all of which improve truck utilization and overall delivery costs.

• Knowing a delivered material’s slump, temperature, volume, and other properties, and sending this data back to production personnel, enables proactive adjustments to future loads to reduce mix overdesign, eliminate rejected loads, and ensure quality.

• Documented material science data on concrete properties can be used by quality control personnel to further optimize mix designs, as well as assist in claims disputes.

“I’m thankful for our customer partners who agreed to be pre-launch users, and the time the product has been in the field really shows,” said Dale Brownbridge, Product Owner of COMMANDassurance. “Resorting to overdesigning mixes, or the time intensive and somewhat risky processes of adjusting slump by eye throughout the delivery process, no longer has to be a reality. It’s exciting to know this pervasive guessing game is over.”

With today’s market introduction, Command Alkon is now making COMMANDassurance broadly available. To schedule a first look, customers should complete the form at

About Command Alkon

Command Alkon offers expertise and technologies that automate and streamline all aspects of the construction materials supply chain for producers, suppliers and haulers of ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, asphalt, cement, and manufactured concrete. A comprehensive suite of industry specific software and automation offerings combined with employees invested in the success of construction materials operations differentiates Command Alkon as an industry partner. Command Alkon is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and has offices in locations around the globe. For more information, visit

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