Arizona Metro Mix Tackles Complex Project with the Help of Precision Water System

May 10, 2017 Command Alkon

AMM Improves Their Number of Rejected Loads by 5% on a Single Project​​

Arizona Metro Mix was awarded a job where the concrete, with tight requirements for air content, was required to be delivered up the side of a mountain.  Arizona Metro Mix (AMM) does not have a separate QC department and had been using probes before which were, in their opinion, only slightly better than nothing. AMM chose to add the Precision Water System on their worst plant where the SE of the fine aggregate can vary from 68 to 92 over a period of a few days

“(Precision Water System) really has been the best thing for Ready Mix Concrete since computers were added to the process,” states Operations Manager, Bob Matthews.

Since their “mountain” project, Arizona Metro Mix continues to leverage the Precision Water System to the benefit of their customers providing improved service, customer satisfaction and retention through consistency.

Read the full case study.

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