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June 8, 2017 Command Alkon

Welsch Ready Mix and COMMANDqc Meet Exacting DOT Specifications

When Chris Pusateri, QC Manager at Welsch Ready Mix, realized his manual quality control efforts were hindering his company’s ability to compete for business in the greater Chicago area, he reached out to Command Alkon for help.

Chris’ biggest challenges were to balance the increased demands for technical services his customers were asking for with the mounting workload his existing staff were trying to achieve manually.

After speaking with the experts at Command Alkon Chris recognized that he could get everything he was looking for from the same company that automated the batching and dispatching processes at Welsch.

Almost immediately Chris and his QC team identified and resolved several mechanical and operational problems that reduced the amount of overbatching and resulted in a savings of raw materials.

Welsch Ready Mix can now easily produce statistical analysis to determine cement requirements and document mix design strength, which shows customers that the strengths they need can be produced at lower cement contents and at cost savings to them and to Welsch.

If you and your company are looking to compete in an industry ever-reliant upon technology for delivering exacting requirements and complex technical submittals, then check out how Chris and Welsch Ready Mix achieved this with the help of Command Alkon.

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