Product Releases

  • COMMANDseries | Release Update 2021.22:08

    COMMANDseries | Release Update 2021.2

    In this release of COMMANDseries users now have added benefits of region codes for plants, mobile ticket tags, and more.

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  • Integra | Release Update 2021.21:40

    Integra | Release Update 2021.2

    In the 2021.2 release of Integra, you'll see the ability to export reports to excel by ticket date, accounting integration with D365, and security updates for password management.

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  • TFleet | Release Update  2021.23:10

    TFleet | Release Update 2021.2

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  • COMMANDqc | Release Update 2021.22:58

    COMMANDqc | Release Update 2021.2

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  • COMMANDbatch | Release Update 2021.1.12:50

    COMMANDbatch | Release Update 2021.1.1

    Within this release, you will experience many quality and visual improvements along with a simplified Precision Water System application.

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  • TFleet | Release Update3:25

    TFleet | Release Update

    Product owner Jon Shuette details the changes in this latest release of TFleet. In this version you'll see improvements to the overall design, functionality, and productivity for the TFleet suite.

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  • COMMANDassurance | Release Update2:23

    COMMANDassurance | Release Update

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