Command Alkon’s Load Assurance Offers Unparalleled Visibility into Concrete Properties with Real-Time Air Content Measurement

May 16, 2024 Press Releases

Innovative In-Transit Sensor Technology Measures Air, Slump, Temperature, Volume, Water Additions, and More  

Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider for the heavy building materials industry, is proud to announce the availability of real-time air content measurement through its Load Assurance software and in-drum sensor technology. This groundbreaking feature offers complete and unparalleled visibility into concrete properties, improving overall project outcomes while enhancing safety, reducing material waste, and saving valuable time. 

Load Assurance utilizes direct contact, in-drum technology to measure concrete properties throughout the delivery process. Sensor data, including slump, temperature, volume, water additions, water/cement ratio, drum rotation, direction for each load, and now air content, are seamlessly transmitted to Command Cloud in real-time. This alleviates the challenge of ready-mix producers relying on the driver's perception of load attributes during transit, and delivers real-time, scientific-based visibility into the load properties of fresh concrete.  

Unique to Load Assurance is its end-to-end connectivity with related technologies for ready mix production, dispatch, quality control, and fleet management. This makes Load Assurance the most robust, streamlined, and easily scalable solution available in the market today. 

The ability to trace concrete properties through real-time monitoring allows for tighter water control, leading to reduced cement usage per yard and a decrease in the standard deviation of compressive strength. This, in turn, lowers energy costs by accurately regulating fresh concrete temperatures to achieve the desired placement temperature. 

Moreover, the sensor data provided by Load Assurance enhances visibility into the properties of materials, enabling the reuse of returned materials. Dispatchers can make informed decisions about material reuse based on accurate returning volume, extra water, and temperature data, eliminating costly material waste. One leading producer reported a remarkable achievement with Load Assurance, reusing 3% of returned concrete from its total production volume, equivalent to over 3,000 cubic yards. This resulted in a reduction of 1,215,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and a total cost savings of $250,000 within just 10 months. 

By transforming trucks into rolling labs, Load Assurance provides valuable insights that help reduce out-of-specification issues and limit the occurrence of rejected loads. Real-time data transmission to the driver's tablet via a durable and reliable sensor system installed in the drum reduces fuel usage by minimizing truck mixing time and idle time on the jobsite during quality control testing. 

Furthermore, Load Assurance contributes to significant fuel savings by allowing producers to mix materials at lower speeds, reducing even more CO2 emissions. The platform notifies the driver when materials have reached a fully mixed status, enabling the reduction of drum speed and further reducing fuel-consumption and emissions. 

The benefits of Load Assurance extend beyond material quality, fuel, and emissions. Producers can expect to: 
- Reduce time spent in the plant by an average of 2-3 minutes 

- Reduce time spent manually testing for air content at the jobsite  

- Reduce driver onboarding and training costs by an average of $1,250 per driver  

- Reduce driver turnover with improved job satisfaction 
- Decrease driver injuries and workers comp claims by keeping drivers inside the cab  

- Generate revenue and improve margins by selling returned concrete and reducing the cost of waste processing and disposal 

- Reduce claims based on concrete quality and provide proof of product quality at time of pour 

- Increase overall product quality and consistency 

The industry has recognized the groundbreaking innovation of Load Assurance, as evidenced by the numerous awards it has received, including the Supply and Demand Chain Executive Green Award, Supply and Demand Chain Executive Top 100 Award, Constructech Top Products Award, and its contribution to Command Alkon’s recognition as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies. 

Load Assurance continues to revolutionize the concrete industry with its advanced technology and commitment to delivering real-time visibility, enhanced quality, and significant cost savings. For more information, visit  

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