People in Command: Pete Dube

August 24, 2018 Karli Langner

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pete Dube to talk about his background in the building materials industry and his long-time interest in the Safety of Things. Pete is a Customer Success Account Manager for Command Alkon’s national accounts.

He started out in the Heavy Building Materials industry nearly 30 years ago as a management trainee for the Rinker Materials Corporation. Through the years, there have been several hats that Pete has worn – starting as a management trainee, where he had the opportunity to learn all facets of the ready mix concrete, cement, aggregate, and concrete pipe operations. Pete’s career at Rinker culminated as a National Supply Manager, negotiating capital equipment and raw material contracts for Rinker’s national footprint. Pete also was a Regional Operations Manager for Titan America, responsible operationally for a 20+ ready mix concrete business, producing 1.5M cubic yards annually.  Pete was also the Business Development Manager for ARI – Aggregate Research. It is refreshing to learn the deep knowledge of the industry Pete and others bring to Command Alkon.

In the past, Pete has been a Command Alkon user, and when he heard that the company was making several new changes to grow, he saw it as an opportunity to be part of an evolution process that could transform our industry. He has been with Command Alkon for a little over 2 years now.

As a Customer Success Account Manager, Pete acts as a customer advocate to ensure a frictionless experience for customers. If you know Pete, he’s a very personable guy – which probably helps him a lot with the customer relationship component of his role. Pete has enough experience to really bring value to the organizations that he works with. He can step on to a customer’s site, observe the way that they are using their Command Alkon products, and make suggestions on how they can better utilize these tools.  

Something that Pete can talk for hours about is safety. It’s become part of his lifestyle rather than something that he is just interested about. The emotional rush of positively impacting someone by ensuring that they go home safely to their families is something that manifested this passion in Pete.

A “Safety of Things” stream is now available on Mastery, by Command Alkon, where Pete channels his inner creative and creates content intended to promote safety to our customers and organization alike. “I felt there was an opportunity to be creative and get my passion out there in some way or fashion,” said Pete. “It’s a way to celebrate our customers being safe.”

As I mentioned (and as you have probably noticed), Command Alkon has undergone a lot of changes, and we aren’t done yet! For the future of Command Alkon, Pete is most anticipating the new products and technology that our company comes up with for the industry. “To be with the company during this time, with the innovation growth that we're going through, I'm looking forward to seeing what that looks like,” said Pete.

Thanks to Pete for taking the time to speak with me about his involvement in what makes Command Alkon such a wonderful company. Be sure to check out the safety stream, “Safety of Things,” for the latest news, updates, interesting content, and expert guidance on all things safety-related.

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