People in Command: Andres Cano

May 21, 2018 Anna Tuggle

If anyone is passionate and committed to the Command Alkon brand, it’s Andres. Andres starts his day at 6:30am and goes until 5:00pm. Those hours are spent in meetings dreaming up ways to improve our processes, training, and equip both our employees and customers with the tools they need to succeed.

Andres is an Application Delivery Manager for Command Alkon. He works with the Project Implementation Team, Project Managers, and Application Delivery Consultants.

“Working on making sure that our team is well equipped, our customers are successful, our projects are successful, and that we continue to move in the right path for our customers,” said Andres.

After talking with Andres, I was able to see how committed he was to the improvement of our brand in order to help our customers continue to be successful. Andres continued to talk about the importance of improving our processes and equipping our in-house employees with the skills and knowledge to provide A+ training to our customers.

Andres lives in Arizona. He shared that he enjoys traveling, specifically to his cabin in Northern Arizona.

“I go there quite often. So just getting away and relaxing, and not using my brain as much,” said Andres.

Andres also talked about his passion for travel and learning from other cultures.

“I do like to travel. I like culture. Learning different cultures, and different languages, and different people aspects too,” said Andres.

Andres is one of our many in-house heroes playing a role in how Command Alkon builds amazing.

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