People in Command: Aaron Humpherys

August 3, 2018 Karli Langner

Aaron Humpherys started his journey at Command Alkon in December of 2016 as a Training and Development Specialist. In his role, his primary initiative is to design, develop, and deliver training content to enhance the skill levels of Command Alkon’s service departments. When he was hired on, the company had just hired 30 new employees whose skillsets were at ground zero. To educate these new team members, Aaron envisioned a university-type setting that wouldn’t only be a platform for employees, but for the industry as well. To achieve this goal, Command Alkon University came to life in March of 2017.

Aaron works with many experts to create curriculum, lesson plans, practical exercises, and hands-on opportunities. As of today, Command Alkon University has six robust programs that help to enhance the service department’s skillsets, and speak to the rest of the organization to educate them on how the service department impacts the industry:

  • Customer Service Training
  • COMMANDbatch Installation Technician
  • COMMANDperformance Internal Training
  • COMMANDseries Internal Training
  • COMMANDqc Training
  • Concrete Industry Overview

I personally took the CAI50 Industry Overview Course, which is an opportunity that allows individuals outside of the service department to learn about the industry, but also gain an understanding of the products that we provide to our customers. You can learn about my experience with the course here.

Aaron is passionate about training. Much of that stems from his experience in the military. When he was a non-commission officer, he was told that “as a leader you always have a microphone.” Whatever you say and do is amplified – and that truly resonated with Aaron. He is passionate about his opportunity to add value to other individual’s lives. That statement gave him the passion to motivate and mold young soldiers, and he has carried this passion with him to Command Alkon.

Aaron is excited for the future of Command Alkon University. The program plans to be a center of excellence where subject matter experts and teachers come together to create a mentoring program. Not only can Command Alkon employees benefit from the program, but the program will serve as the standard for the industry as well. Individuals outside of Command Alkon can receive certifications from the courses that Command Alkon University offers, proving to their organizations that they have the knowledge and skillsets to do their jobs and do it well.

The program is also in the process of establishing a professional development training program where individuals in different roles within the organization, such as Marketing, Accounting, and the People team can enhance their knowledge and embrace opportunities for further growth.

Currently, the program focuses on COMMANDbatch, COMMANDseries, and COMMANDqc. Soon, Command Alkon University will offer product training for Integra, Apex, TrackIt, and our mobile solutions suite.

Thank you so much to Aaron and his team for truly investing in the people of Command Alkon. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a course at Command Alkon University, I recommend doing so! The course that I took was extremely informative and I felt like I had a better understanding of the subject matter afterwards. Contact Aaron Humpherys at for a complete list of courses as well as dates and times.


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