Construction Salaries Rising, but Skilled Labor Still Declining

The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) conducted a 2018 Construction Craft Salary Survey with more than 130 industrial and commercial construction companies across the U.S., representing over 350,000 employees. Of the 32 construction positions surveyed, average annual salaries ranged from $47,700 to $92,500. Project supervisors and program managers topped the list, earning over $88,000 and $92,5000 respectively.

Although salaries are on the rise in Construction, the supply of unemployed, experienced workers continues to shrink. With unemployment so low overall, Contractors are likely to have trouble filling many types of hourly craft and salaried positions.

Increased wages should attract more young people to the industry, but technology also needs to be thrown into the mix. This generation of young adults has had access to technology their entire lives and oftentimes expect some sort of next-gen technology as part of their daily operations in the workplace. Automated processes help to achieve results faster and with less manual labor. When the busywork is handled by a great tech stack, employees can do their jobs more efficiently and gain greater insight into the effects of their efforts. This enables not only millennials, but all employees to make better strategic decisions and take on more projects bought by newly acquired time.

The combination of shifting values and increased access to technology has caused millennials to look for different things in their workplaces. They’ve grown up in a world that champions innovation and they’ve seen new technologies disrupt entire industries. They have a strong critical eye that questions tradition and they look for new ways to solve problems.

The possibilities opened by the right tools help your youngest employees envision a future within your company and make greater contributions to it, leaving you with a longer-tenured, more valuable team. Everybody wins.

Digital tools from Command Alkon could be just what your operation needs to recruit and retain new talent. Tools that speed quoting, ordering, shipping, tracking and billing can boost manual processes, offload admin tasks and free people to learn new trade skills.

Command Alkon solutions can help shorten work cycles, reduce errors and speed completion of projects to help with the labor shortage.

The difference between success and failure comes down to rightly managing the assets needed to boost productivity and simplicity. Next-gen tools are the answer.

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