Command Alkon Celebrates Women in Construction

The beginning of March recognizes and celebrates Women in Construction Week. This exciting week signifies the growing role women play in our industry. As we wrap up the Women in Construction week and celebrate International Women's Day, we wanted to get our readers pumped about what we have in store to celebrate women in the future.

Here at Command Alkon, we love to celebrate Women in Construction during the first week of March, and every single day of the year. We talk about maximizing production and working efficiently on the jobsite all the time. To truly be productive, everyone must feel included, which is why Command Alkon is taking a stand and celebrating inclusion of all people that play a role in construction’s heavy work.

Excited to know what’s in store? We have something big coming up that you won’t want to miss.

On April 23 at 1:00 PM CT, we are hosting a webinar on The State of Women in the Industry.  We are thrilled to bring in our guests, Julie Garbini and Anne Ellis. These women are taking active steps through their thoughts and experiences to lead the charge in changing the way women are perceived on the jobsite and propelling the industry forward.

What We’ll Discuss:

·         Challenges of Being a Woman on the Job

o   Pregnancy

o   Double Standards

o   Gender Pay Gap

o   Applying for Construction Jobs

·         How Men and Women Complement Each Other on the Job

About Our Guests

Julie Garbini

Julie Garbini is Executive Director of the RMC Research & Education Foundation. In this capacity, Mrs. Garbini manages the Foundation’s various research and education projects, including representing the ready mixed concrete industry on the four-person Research Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub).

Anne Ellis

Anne Ellis is the Founder and CEO of Ellis Global. Anne began her career in structural engineering practice followed by roles with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Portland Cement Association advancing new technologies, approaches, and industry collaborations. She is coauthor of the “Concrete Design and Construction” chapter of the Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, Fifth Edition. Anne serves on numerous industry boards and U.S. Government advisory councils. She also serves as Executive Director of the Charles Pankow Foundation, funding collaborations that provide the architecture, engineering and construction industry with better ways to design and build.

To participate in the webinar, please register here.

You may have kept up with our series “Women Building Amazing” over the last year. This was an incredible opportunity to speak with several different women in many different areas of the heavy building materials and construction industry to gain a little bit of insight on what it’s like as a woman in the industry and their hopes for the future. Just as our industry is constantly evolving, so, too, is the series. I won’t spoil too much, but I can tell you that this reimagined series is going to discuss the high level topics – what women and men alike truly care about when it comes to diversity in the workplace.

Thank you to all who participated in the series last year! Let’s throw it back to these AMAZING women! Click their names to hear their story.

Ana Carolina

Alicia Press

Marina Bolshinskaya

Suzie Holycross

Irene Bedolla

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