Women Building Amazing: Sarah Allsopp

Sarah Allsopp

Sarah Allsopp is an Applications Support Consultant for Command Alkon's EMEA region. Sarah primarily works with APEX and COMMANDseries 3 (CSV3).

I was fascinated to learn that Sarah has worked in the Heavy Building Materials industry for 25 years. After college, she began working at a quarry where she served in many different positions - sales, transport & logistics, and IT & projects. She was with the company for over 20 years before joining Command Alkon just over two years ago. Not many people that I have talked with can say that they have been in this industry straight out of college. As you'll hear, she holds a vast amount of knowledge and expertise.

I loved being able to chat with Sarah and learn about the many ways this industry has shaped her, and the ways that she has shaped this industry:


What’s your current title, and will you elaborate a little bit on your day to day duties?



What attracted you to the Heavy Building Materials industry – have you always had an interest in it, or did circumstances lead you here?



What is your favorite part of your career?



Have you seen or experienced the industry gaining benefit from women?



Do you feel like you have benefitted by being part of this industry?



If you could give a younger version of yourself any advice, what would that be?



What do you see for the future of the industry?



Is there anything else that you would like to add?



Anything about your experience or something about you that we might find surprising?


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