Optimizing Operations Can Set Your Organization Up for Greatness

May 30, 2018 Karli Langner

Do you ever have those days where you feel like all you do is wait? The other day I had several errands to run and I ran in to so many speed bumps along the way that ate at my entire day. From the 45-minute wait in line at the bank to the hour-and-a-half long wait in interstate congestion, I was fed up. I started thinking about one of Command Alkon’s solutions – COMMANDoptimize. Just imagine having a tool like this to optimize your daily life – plugging in errands that you have to run and being given the best routes and measures to maximize efficiency in your day.

Perhaps someday someone will create an optimization tool for the normal person’s everyday life struggles, but one this is for sure – if I were a dispatcher, I would utilize this tool to make life easier at my place of work. COMMANDoptimize has the power to consider your dispatch’s entire plan for the day based on all the orders that were received as well as all the costs associated with those orders and then map out the best strategy to maximize the fleet and service your customers to the best ability that day.

This tool takes the human bias out of decision-making. When it comes to using the brain to do any kind of job, humans succumb to pressure and we make decisions that serve our immediate need, as opposed to the overall organization's need. An optimization tool helps the dispatcher’s brain regain equilibrium and get them back on track to making good decisions.

How does this work? An advanced, continuously evolving business algorithm that has been tested and proven in the industry. It's meant to harness excellence and generate different results and greater revenue, not to compete with humans. In fact, the tool is meant to have a symbiotic relationship with the user.

Optimization is something that must be embraced, and a component of its success inherently depends on the organization’s willingness to collaborate with it. The solution produces outcomes based on algorithms, and the human can act on those outcomes based on logic. Working together, your dispatch operations can soar to optimal heights you never thought possible.

If you would like to start a conversation about what COMMANDoptimize can do for your organization’s dispatch operations, please contact us.

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