Featured on " Talking Logistics:" Adopt the “Optimization Lifestyle:” Overcoming Inefficient Decision Making

January 15, 2018

Optimization is a hot topic that is impacting many industries and geographies, and for
good reason. Optimization engines are a very efficient and consistent methodology
for improving decision making and achieving cost and quality differentiation for your
product. Many industries have realized the importance of utilizing optimization engines
in their logistics departments. A lot of people have also come to realize that
optimization is not something your organization just adapts to like flipping on a light
switch; you don't just install the software and *BOOM* your process is optimized. You
must have a highly-experienced and capable team willing to adjust to change,
create a well-defined and adaptable process, and become fluent with an advanced
and innovative tool set.

An optimization engine does the math that humans are incapable of doing, using
planning algorithms to create an optimal solution for each day's deliveries. It also
adjusts in real-time, allowing users to consider many alternatives, providing better,
more optimized solutions than a manually-produced solution.

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