Dismantling the Pestilence of Paper Processes Across the Construction Supply Chain

October 23, 2020 Karli Langner

Thank you to our MOBILEticket users for helping us to reach a record-breaking submitted ticket count for this month; we are proud to be your chosen supplier of your paperless ticketing solution for your materials delivery process.

MOBILEticket in conjunction with CONNEX eTicketing provides dramatic improvements in visibility to keep track of orders and statuses. Exchanging electronic tickets on the CONNEX Platform means exchanging a digital representation of materials load information throughout the procure-to-pay or order-to-cash lifecycle of a business process or project workflow.

MOBILEticket further complements the eTicketing functionality within the CONNEX Platform because drivers can save time in the yard and can reduce interactions with quarry or plant personnel. When drivers arrive at a quarry or plant, they no longer have to fill out paper tickets. With real-time access to ticket data in the cab, drivers can easily note additions and changes, and they don’t have to go back and enter the data into the billing system. Getting rid of duplicate data entry means more time and energy to harness in other areas of the organization, and less risk of data entry mistakes.

For those that are not using MOBILEticket, the solution creates an electronic document that is distributable via email without scanning. Customers receive an email of their ticket immediately in the office alerting them that the material has been delivered so that they aren’t waiting on jobsite personnel to capture electronic proof of delivery.

MOBILEticket provides seamless integration with other systems, allowing data to be routed from dispatch to the drivers, removing the need for drivers to contact dispatch for questions on their tickets. The reduction in radio traffic increases driver efficiency and allows dispatch to focus on coordinating schedules and getting orders into the system. With the paperless tickets, drivers no longer have to manually fill out paper tickets and they get their next ticket displayed on their tablet as soon as they submit the existing ticket.

The result is an increased speed at which they can invoice their tickets. The tickets are downloaded directly to their financial software and after importing, they are immediately billed to the project owner.

Let’s keep breaking records together. For more information on MOBILEticket, visit https://mastery.commandalkon.com/mobileticket.

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