Command Alkon Addresses Credits & Re-bills Issue in Building Materials Industry with Automated Tools

June 19, 2018 Press Releases

Technology That Increases Productivity, Improves Customer Satisfaction and Optimizes Working Capital

Birmingham, AL – June 19, 2018 Command Alkon, the global leader in digital supply chain solutions for the Heavy Building Materials (HBM) industry, recognizes issues that companies face with credits and rebills that potentially cost companies up to 5 percent of the original transaction value. Roughly 25 percent of HBM production volume is quoted and shipped within 24 hours. Unintended errors, such as using outdated pricing and unauthorized discounts, can lead to the business having to issue a credit, then re-bill the customer. This is extremely inefficient and can impact cash flow.

“Progressive producers and suppliers are using mobile sales solutions to perform quoting, monitoring and forecasting more effectively to eliminate the need for credits and re-bills,” said Jason Simmons, Business Analyst for MOBILEsales at Command Alkon. “By using solutions that ensure numbers are accurate the first time, businesses eliminate unnecessary administrative time, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and optimize working capital.”

Sales people using manual processes often make mistakes when creating quotes because they do not have access to information in real-time where prices can be validated. Sending inaccurate billing information that has to be readjusted costs money in lost time and productivity and creates problems within the accounting department.

Using a mobile sales application that allows the sales team to create quotes, track bids and manage sales activities while out in the field can improve customer service and satisfaction. Sales teams can stay in front of customers, allowing them to update quotes, provide job cost estimates, and manage the entire bid lifecycle.

Command Alkon’s MOBILEsales keeps the salesforce focused on customers by giving sales people the information they need when they need it. It automates the quoting process, allowing sales people to create more accurate sales forecasts. Accurate forecasting contributes to tightened, exact budgets. These budgets help management to analyze and manage expected costs and evaluate spending.

“MOBILEsales is designed specifically for the HBM industry to minimize quoting inaccuracies so that sales people can provide the customers with the right information they need to make a sale,” said Simmons.

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