The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Subscription-Based Bundles

July 15, 2020 Karli Langner

Subscription models are exploding with growth!

The one-price-fits-all days are over, as this approach leaves money on the table from active users.

We recently announced flexible and scalable subscription-based bundles. These new bundle offerings provide flexibility to ensure that material suppliers have access to all product capabilities that align with their business goals. Several organizations are operating with the new subscription model and are beginning to realize what all the hype is about.

Reap Tremendous Value Without the Tremendous Price Tag

Subscription payments lower the barrier to entry for products and services and provide immediate access to products and features without the large capital expenditures.

“We're a cost-conscious organization, like a lot of contractors, and with other legacy, enterprise purchases we were paying a high fixed cost one time and this has historically led us to keep using the old software as long as it actually works thus, ending up many, many versions behind before we upgrade. Which is just not the best arrangement. The subscription model makes sense to us. It helps us scale up/down easily – as our business ebbs and flows. We're doing more, we pay more. We do less, we pay less. I think it's a fair arrangement.”

Will Madden, Manager at Red River

Gain Access to New Features

Red River Construction Co. was previously using a different solution for quality control, but with the Ready Mix Enterprise Bundle for COMMANDseries, the value of the ticketing system is extending with modules for QC.

Having an entire separate solution to manage this was expensive, and if the same features are available with the bundle, that’s a cost that they can bury in the ground.

“Our previous QC system was an extra charge, and COMMANDqc came with the subscription bundle and we said, why would we need another platform.  Now we’ve converted to COMMANDqc, and we’ve really been happy.”

- Will Madden, Manager at Red River

Hamilton Concrete invested in Integra 8 years ago. Now, they have a centralized dispatch and realize boosts in their overall efficiency with their Integra and TrackIt integration. Together, the solutions have increased their cubic yards per driver.

Hamilton moved to the Ready Mix Enterprise Bundle for Integra because the subscription includes some of the new features of Integra that they have been itching to try. With the subscription pricing, they have access to all the features without an increase in the cost.

“With the Integra subscription bundle, the cost is nearly the same, but we have access to more features.”

Bob Hamilton, President at Hamilton Concrete

Take Advantage of Unlimited Volume, Trucks, Locations, and Users

Ethier Sand & Gravel, an extension of Beamish Construction Inc., found the perfect opportunity to switch to the subscription model during a time that they were due for a scale software change. They shopped around, but the subscription bundle for Apex was the logical choice because it provides them with features that help them to ensure they can handle the volumes that they project.

“The Apex subscription bundle works great for us because we were able to easily add other locations and take advantage of unlimited volume.  We essentially get all the functionality we need, without having to pay per feature, and have access to other features we can adopt in the future!”

Mike Andrighetti, Vice President, Ethier Sand & Gravel, Beamish Construction Inc.

How Can You Bundle Up?

A simple connector is installed on your existing ticketing systems to move your ticket data to the cloud.  This is the beginning of a fuller journey to the CONNEX platform and its benefits.

With your ticket data is in the cloud the door is open to a whole new layer of insights that reveal consolidated operational and financial information via CONNEX Workspaces and Insights.

Blalock Ready Mix was interested in eTicketing to streamline their back-office ticket processing and document imaging. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, their transitioning to the Mobile Enterprise Subscription Bundle was expedited. State regulations called for reducing the handling of paper tickets, so in order for them to keep their projects pushing forward, they had to roll this out quickly.

They discovered that many customers don’t need or want the paper ticket anyway.

“Our customers much prefer mediums such as MOBILEticket and eTicketing through the CONNEX Platform to manage their projects of all sizes, because removing paper tickets keep their frontline employees out of the bookkeeping equation.”

Wes Blalock, General Manager at Blalock Ready Mix

Once CONNEX Connected you are positioned to take advantage of the full value of digital collaboration between materials suppliers and buyers. Want to figure out which bundle works for you? Visit

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