Ordering and Tracking Concrete Deliveries with Online Technology

February 2, 2018 Lori Allen

MOBILEjobsite Transforming Real-Time Visibility and Planning Experience for Contractors

Lagan Concrete, part of Lagan Products, supplies ready mixed concrete and blocks to the construction industry across greater Belfast. Lagan offers Command Alkon's MOBILEjobsite App to all of their customers in Northern Ireland, allowing them to place and track orders online

Bennett Construction, main contractor on the extension to the landmark Primark store in Belfast city centre, have taken full advantage of the technology and reaped the rewards. Almost all the concrete for this project has been ordered online, a first for Lagan Concrete and the greater construction industry.

Paul Adamson, Operations Manager at Lagan Products spoke to Philip about his experience with MOBILEjobsite. 

  1. What is your role on site?
    Senior Engineer
  2. How long have you been using the Lagan Concrete Alkon App? 
    I have been using the app since May 2017, when we started the foundations on-site in Belfast. 
  3. What do you use the App for?
    I use it to order concrete, book in pours and keeping track of progress during pours. 
  4. What are the main advantages to your business in using the App?
    The App cuts down on calls you need to make to the dispatch or plant.  The tracker on the truck gives me total transparency as to where my loads are.  I don’t get any “its on the road” and “just around the corner” calls!

    Knowing when the truck will arrive lets me get another lift with the crane or another delivery in the gate, instead of standing waiting.  It’s also very helpful during a large pour, you can keep track of what’s poured and have the balance calculated quickly and easily.
  5. Have you ever been offered a service like this from any other concrete or material producers?
    I saw a shared desktop in London from a supplier, but it didn’t have anywhere near the same information or functionality so the Lagan Concrete service is pretty unique.
  6. Do you find it easy to use and why?
    I find it very easy to use. It’s laid out clearly and simply, you can find/view the overview or go into details of the mix and truck times. Every piece of information needed is in there  
  7. Would you recommend the App to your colleagues and other companies ordering concrete?
    I would I think is a great tool.  I will also recommend that the office uses the MOBILEcommerce Desktop application for reporting as well.

Paul Adamson added:

“Philip was one of our early adopters of this fantastic technology and it’s great to see the benefit it brings to him and this project.   

One of the many advantages Philip gets from using the App during pours is access to valuable information when calling off clean up loads to finish.  Historically there’s always been a challenge in determining exactly how much was poured, how much is on the way and what is being loaded.   MOBILEjobsite makes this easy for him while helping greatly reduce the likelihood of over ordering concrete and the associated problems of what to do with it.

Tower cranes are very expensive, and their effective use is critical in construction projects.  Philip is able to use MOBILEjobsite to help maximise crane usage as he has total transparency of all concrete truck movements to his site.  There is no waiting for “on its way” or “it’s just around the corner” loads.”

Full Story as posted on Lagan Products website.

Find out more about the power of MOBILEjobsite and reap the benefits of real-time visibility and online order requests for your ready mix deliveries.

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