Command Alkon Streamlines Bulk Materials Operations Processes by Increasing Visibility in Order Fulfillment

New Solution Connects Sales, Operations, and Field Operations to A Real-Time View of Dispatch Operations

Birmingham, AL – February 1, 2022 – Command Alkon, the global leader in comprehensive supply chain technology solutions for heavy building materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers, introduces CONNEX Dispatch, a new solution that delivers visibility into heavy building materials operations, enabling employees, suppliers, and customers with access to receive up-to-date statuses of tickets anywhere, and at any time.

Command Alkon is enabling cloud-based dispatch for all industry-leading point of sales solutions, with CONNEX Dispatch for Ready Mix being the first milestone to add to the timeline. Users of COMMANDseries and Integra can handle day-to-day activities through mobile access from any device.

“One of the most critical key success factors within a construction project is cost and time management,” said Matt Brinker, Ready Mix Market Manager at Command Alkon. “CONNEX Dispatch is designed to increase productivity levels and create unprecedented results across project performance, schedule, and workforce management. When connected to a cloud-based network, there is true visibility across the enterprise because field personnel and dispatch are operating with one single version of the truth.”

Making the shift from on-premise solutions to CONNEX Dispatch can greatly reduce operational costs, expedite integrations and updates, deliver better support and a proactive approach to system issues, and simplify accounting processes.

Driver experience is greatly improved with CONNEX Dispatch at play. Integrations with tracking devices enable drivers to operate with one app instead of flipping between solutions. Drivers are notified of their next steps in the delivery process in real time, while providing everyone – including customers – with visibility into the progress being made on their deliveries.

Operations, Quality, Production, and Sales have immediate access to what is happening with every order with CONNEX Dispatch. Team members do not have to pull off onto the side of the road to pull up a VPN for access to their dispatching solution; instead, they can easily log into the dispatching application either from the CONNEX mobile app or from the web.

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Introducing CONNEX Dispatch
Introducing CONNEX Dispatch

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