Command Alkon’s COMMANDassurance Named One of Constructech’s Top Products of 2019

Track and Trace of Real-Time Material Science Data Means Unrivaled Product Quality and Sustainability

Birmingham, AL – January 17, 2019 Command Alkon, the Leading Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, announces that COMMANDassurance has been named one of Constructech’s Top Products of 2019. Command Alkon’s solution was chosen for this prestigious award in the Concept Product category, specifically for helping construction businesses meet material quality requirements and specifications at the time of delivery, which is essential for improving customer experience and satisfaction.

“Construction companies should focus on emerging technologies to modernize their legacy operations and bring their organization into the 21st century,” says Dale Brownbridge, Product Manager, Command Alkon. “We are excited that COMMANDassurance was chosen by these industry experts as a next-gen track and trace solution that helps businesses remain competitive while delivering top flight products with exceptional quality.”

Command Alkon’s COMMANDassurance captures real-time and historical material science data on the concrete properties of a load from the time of loading through placement, slump, temperature, volume, drum rotation, and other information that summarizes the overall workability of the concrete. These notifications and displays indicate when the load is ready to leave the yard, when it is ready for discharge, how much water was added, and other key factors. The result is saved delivery costs for construction professionals and less time spent performing adjustments in transit and conducting tests while at the jobsite.

“There’s nothing better than getting the data. We appreciate how quality personnel can rely on historical load data with Command Alkon’s COMMANDassurance. The technology steps up its game here, allowing projects to stay on track.” -Constructech Editors

Products are submitted for consideration and vetted by judges based on the product’s core functionality and innovative new features. Top Products can fall within three categories: Concept Product, New Product, or Trusted Product. The Concept Product category features emerging technology concepts, while New Products have been in the market for less than two years, and the Trusted Product category have been in the market for at least three years, and the technology has been upgraded or enhanced.

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