5 Key Benefits of GPS Truck Tracking

GPS tracking devices can take your fleet management operations to a whole new level.

Command Alkon's TrackIt and TrackIt/3P keep tabs on fleets with GPS truck tracking devices, using automated processes. Drivers' haul sheets are compiled from the data generated by GPS devices and then shared to back-office computers to track and measure fleet performance. Because paper processes are eliminated, duplicate data entry and errors are removed, providing the most accurate fleet management information. 

How are organizations who have implemented GPS Truck Tracking Systems reaping benefits?:

  • GPS tracking devices provide route optimization that tracks trucks through an optimized route to generate reduced mileage. These devices provide real-time information on your vehicles' location, allowing you to select the fastest route for your vehicle to take to avoid transport delays because of construction projects, traffic jams, traffic accidents, and congested areas like when school is letting out. 
  • GPS truck tracking software decrease response times of deliveries because you can track your fleet to make sure they are taking the optimal route, which improves customer service. If your fleet of trucks is currently deployed, with a system like Command Alkon's TrackIt/3P, you can add third-party trucks and monitor/track them. You can look at all vehicle locations, and if someone at a jobsite needs an immediate delivery, you can contact the truck closest to the jobsite for prompt service. Dispatchers see real-time location information from GPS devices so they can tell workers at the jobsite exactly where the truck is, when it will bring the supplies, and whether it will be on time or delayed due to traffic. 
  • GPS truck tracking solutions help reduce fuel costs by reducing wait and idle times. Because you will know exactly when a truck will arrive at the jobsite, you can alert workers so they will be prepared and available to help with the truck's unloading. If a truck shows up at the jobsite, often they have to wait until someone is available to manage the unloading process. This causes excess idling of the trucks, which eats up fuel. Fuel savings are also seen with better routing, improved driver behavior, and unnecessary stops that are not on the schedule or route.
  • GPS tracking devices improve safety for fleet vehicles by gathering data for better monitoring of driver behavior. The GPS tracking devices collect information on speed, sudden braking, and other wear and tear on vehicles. Drivers with poor driving habits can be monitors for speeding, fast acceleration, harsh braking, and going to destinations not on the approved route. When your drivers know that you are monitoring their driving habits, their driving will typically improve. 
  • GPS tracking devices reduce the loss of cargo due to theft. If cargo thieves know that a truck is being tracked, they will not go after that particular truck. GPS tracking devices deter cargo thieves because the thieves know that you can track your vehicle, and you can more quickly recover the vehicle. Insurance companies often offer reduced premiums to fleets that use GPS tracking devices because vehicles can be better supervised. 

GPS tracking systems automatically track all the information from your vehicles. With Command Alkon's TrackIt 3PL is a GPS truck tracking app that enables you to keep tabs on third-party teams, leading to reduced fuel usage and your entire fleet's enhanced performance. 

What more information? Check out https://commandalkon.com/gettrackit/ for all things TrackIt and https://commandalkon.com/gettrackit3p/ for TrackIt 3P.

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