The Ability to Orchestrate Material Movements Anywhere is More Valuable Than You Know

June 11, 2020 Command Alkon

When it comes to making sure your heavy construction job gets done right and within budget, timing and preparedness are everything. But some firms still lack visibility into their construction supply chains and struggle to manage site logistics and material movement:

  • Materials like concrete can show up early or late, so personnel are not ready, or materials are out of compliance and require more truck deployments or a replacement batch
  • Delayed materials and trucks can halt work for both construction firms and other trades on the site

How site logistics, the right tools, and visibility into your digital supply chain work to your advantage

Successful, profitable projects require excellent site logistics, job analysis tools, and visibility into the job’s status and components to ensure materials, equipment, and personnel are at the right time in the right place and ready to roll.

Looking to improve your results? You’ll want to master planning and a timeline for each stage of the project, factoring in a total inventory of materials, equipment, and tools needed for each step so construction crews can work without interruption.

Ensuring materials are easy to locate, move, and track will help you maintain site order, and precise schedules and crystal-clear communication will both ensure success.

The right tools and technologies will also raise your productivity and efficiency to another level.

A cloud-based desktop, mobile platform, and digitally collaborative technologies and tools remove historical inefficiencies by providing clear visibility into how materials and manpower are moving, placed, and working.

With better visibility, you can stop problems before they escalate, keep a close eye on all aspects of the job, and shift your resources when you need to. By using technology to collect data from devices, sensors, and other sources, you unlock the kind of data-driven insights that dramatically improve inter-company workflows and enable smarter supply chain decisions in real time.

Command Alkon's suite of solutions can deliver the visibility from anywhere.

Our solutions provide clear visibility into traceability of material properties and orders ensures that products arrive in the best possible quality.

A full range of fleet and workforce planning and diagnostic tools ensure that you are meeting delivery expectations as well as staying safe and compliant. Drivers have all the information they need to perform their jobs without having to reach out to dispatch or managers. Drivers can pull up their next ticket so they are quickly prepared for their next job and can be on the road instantly once their current delivery is made.

Our CONNEX Jobsite solutions offer job cost tracking, material order and delivery management, traceability of critical path materials, and material quality assurance information all in one centralized location.

With digital ticket data flowing seamlessly from suppliers to contractors and owners, the job site stays in sync. Browse orders scheduled for the day and upcoming orders for future days. Monitor real-time truck locations and load-level summaries of completed and upcoming orders. Receive notifications when a load is on the way, view records of load status times, and automatically match incoming delivery tickets with hauler pay sheets and invoices.

The ability to keep projects pushing forward remotely has been crucial to success in our new reality with COVID-19. Working from home and need visibility into what's going on at the site? Give us a call!

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