Streamline Labor-Intensive Tasks to Help Manage Costs

March 10, 2021 Karli Langner

Rather than being parked at a desk all day with tools to simplify project management within arm’s reach, jobsite personnel are out in the field all day. Mobile communication technologies are pervading further and further into our lives and in our workplaces.

The construction industry is no different, although participants in this space have been slow to hop on the bandwagon (we all know that construction and technology have a complicated relationship). Other industries have been taking advantage of solutions like these for over a decade, enabling them to boost productivity and simplify workflows with information in the palm of their hand.

In our latest Jobsite Data Survey, a resounding 86% of survey respondents said that 10% or more of their projects run over on materials. Although mobile devices are becoming more prominent in jobsite operations, manual tasks and workflows have made it difficult to properly track materials that are coming into the jobsite.

It makes sense that such a high percentage of survey respondents’ projects run over on materials. In an information-intensive industry like construction, paper documents can be hazardous since they can disappear and be difficult—or impossible—to locate, share, or distribute in their correct, most recent version. All of these issues can cause work delays or create new struggles with managing daily costs and yield. Having no visibility into where a project stands on expenses whittles away at the ability to make decisions that won’t blow the budget. Only 12% of the respondents said that their average yield is between 0-5%.

When asked what the process for managing yield on the jobsite looks like, nearly half said that they spend an hour or two each day manually uploading information from their paper tickets into their systems. Thirty six percent reported having no insight into their yield until their monthly cost is reported, while 15% said that they don’t have a yield process in place.

CONNEX Jobsite takes those pesky paper tickets and digitizes them so that you can see ticket data in real time from anywhere. Track material movements and job costs from one central application.

Save money on your next construction project with CONNEX Jobsite, by Command Alkon. For more information, visit

Hungry for more? Check out this blog, highlighting how CONNEX Jobsite can help with labor overruns.

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