Paper-Chasing Could Be A Big Culprit for Labor Overruns

February 4, 2021 Karli Langner

Labor costs is one of the most substantial costs of doing business. 

In our latest Jobsite Data Survey, 87% respondents said that 10% or more of their projects run over on labor. Sometimes that’s a matter of getting a line item wrong, but manual, paper-based tasks are a huge contributor to the inefficiencies that cause an overrun on labor.

All of the delivery tickets and updates have been recorded using pen and paper and passed around manually or communicated in phone calls. A system like this is ripe with potential mistakes that lead to cost overruns.

In the face of rising costs, it’s understandable that companies are looking to reduce their labor spending. One way to do that is to cut out unproductive time that stems from chasing after paper. Thirty three percent of respondents to the Jobsite Data survey said that the invoices that flow into the company come in via manual workflows of matching invoices to paper tickets to Payable On Delivery (POD) forms, all reconciled against Excel sheets.

When asked how many employees are needed to reconcile invoices, 70% of respondents said that it takes 3 or more employees because their paper processes are so time-consuming and tedious. This is why many companies are adopting solutions that can take that information found on paper tickets and capture it digitally. 

Cut down on the number of employees that are chasing these tickets and burying themselves in paperwork during the invoice reconciliation process. Instead, use those employees' talents in other areas of the company that could use a little bit more attention.

Command Alkon’s CONNEX Jobsite digitizes information from paper tickets so workers can see ticket data in real time, throughout the ticket’s life cycles, from anywhere. Businesses reduce waste and improve material yield, eliminate manual tasks and duplicate data entry, and standardize processes and track transportation and job costs daily.

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