How to Rid Your Office Space of Paper Clutter Once and for All

April 15, 2020 Karli Langner

To be frank, being tied up in paper tickets sucks.

The same themes surrounded nearly every conversation that we had with customers and were included in many educational sessions at CONEXPO 2020: "..with the labor shortage, I don't have time for myself or someone else to go through piles of paper. I need to focus on my operations instead of tedious, manual processes."

Command Alkon hosted a CONNEX Lunch N Learn to introduce a new, innovative way to get rid of paper once and for all, so that you can focus on what really matters.

CONNEX is The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction's Heavy Work, and it is completely revolutionizing the way that materials buyers and suppliers work together on their jobs.

The true vision behind CONNEX is all about collaboration.

In the past, Command Alkon traditionally developed software catered to producers of ready mix concrete, asphalt, and aggregate; but our Supplier Collaboration Platform connects the entire ecosystem, extending that footprint across a wider suite of the heavy work industry.

CONNEX addresses the frustration created by the paper ticket. We all know about  this paper ticket – usually a four or a five-part piece of paper used for proof of delivery and used in the back office to invoice customers for products that have been delivered.

Information from production, dispatch, and other business systems generate this ticket, where that ticket information then gets shared via paper at the jobsite. It also gets shared by people back in the office who are billing and making statements; and every time it gets re-shared, it gets re-digitized over and over.

Think about your desk at the moment. Is it stacked high with paper tickets? Are there boxes and boxes of paper scattered throughout your office? There’s systems already in place that will make these documents electronic, but given the amount of constituents that work on one job, each person needs to have access to the data on the ticket. It’s not enough to scan the paper and turn it into a PDF; we need to share the data and enable our trading partners to make business decisions based off it.

Digital collaboration connects a broader network of participants who can accomplish more together than they would on their own – and that’s really what CONNEX is all about. It's integrated and open across the entire heavy work supply chain.

The platform sits on top of Amazon web services, and it's very scalable in terms of the number of transactions and the number of people we’re able to onboard. Value investments of the platform are enriched when more and more people get connected. By moving data from on-premises solutions into the cloud, you receive more flexibility in terms of what you can do with the data in the future. It's about sharing that ticket information and data in a much more collaborative way in a digital format as opposed to in a paper format.

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