Fuel Efficiency with Partners and Customers via Data Sharing

June 3, 2020 Karli Langner

Our CONNEX Platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS supports the next evolution of software - a server-less environment where the cloud runs the server and manages allocations of machine resources, helping to simplify code production, making it easier to scale and support, and reducing cost of ownership.

CONNEX is represented in four layers – physical, connectivity, processes, and insights – that are tightly integrated and aligned to bring value to users by helping them to better collaborate and communicate with other suppliers, haulers, contractors, and producers.

The CONNEX Connectivity Layer features multiple connectors that plug various software, devices, and/or systems into CONNEX. These connectors come in various forms like APIs, DExA, EDI/EDX, Mobile, IoT, and others. Because of API connectors, users do not have to exclusively use Command Alkon solutions and may integrate with other software systems with the CONNEX Platform. For example, companies can use the data available in the cloud to create a branded portal that provides a unique user-experience for customers. 

The power and value of the CONNEX network grows as more users connect and share actionable insights from the data shared across the network. Companies can give data access to a partner so the partner can see what tickets they need to act on, what materials need to be ordered, or if their invoice has been paid - all without having to pass paper back and forth.

The Connectivity Layer of CONNEX compiles data that fuels greater efficiency in all processes of the Heavy Work supply chain. AWS frees data that is locked up inside an on-premise environment to become available to share with partners. For example, if an IoT device is triggered when something happens, data can be pushed into CONNEX. Once in CONNEX, the data is now available to share with other businesses on the network, helping companies work more efficiently with their partners.

Check out this Connected Now story to learn about NEBCO's experience and ease of onboarding to CONNEX! 

“We were amazed at how quickly we had customers on board.  Within a day we had five customers on, and the process was painless!”

- Linda Coleman, Business Analyst at NEBCO

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