Everything You Didn’t Know About eTickets

July 13, 2020 Command Alkon

Paper tickets are outdated, and the move to electronic tickets (eTickets) is more important than ever as federal and state agencies across the U.S. encourage best practices for social distancing. eTicketing is a critical solution to make jobsites safer, both during COVID-19 and in the future.

Think about your office space for a moment. Is your desk drowning in paper tickets? Are there boxes and filing cabinets packed to the brim with paper, or loose tickets scattered throughout your office?

Sure, there’s systems that have been in place for years that can make these documents electronic, but all that does is clean out some of the clutter in your workspace and doesn't demonstrate the value that eTicketing can drive. It doesn’t help stakeholders on a project get data that they need to make informed decisions.

So, what exactly is an eTicket?  

First, let’s define what an eTicket is not.

An eTicket is not –

  • A photo of a paper ticket transmitted via email or text
  • An emailed, PDF version of a paper ticket
  • A scanned version of a paper ticket that is then placed into a digital workflow
  • An electronic version of a ticket that appears on a tablet or smartphone allowing for electronic signature
  • An in-cab, GPS truck tracking system

When we talk about eTickets on the CONNEX Platform, we’re talking about a real-time, digital representation of materials load information throughout the procure-to-pay or order-to-cash lifecycle of your business process or project workflow.

The eTicket stays in sync with the load’s journey, capturing order information, batch results, delivery status updates, electronic proof of delivery, inspection/test results, and job cost /cost codes through invoice and payment processes.

The eTicket information is available in real time to all jobsite participants that need access to it:

• Contractor personnel in the field (foreman, superintendents, field engineers, placing crew, testers, inspectors) to know material is en route and how much is coming, confirm material has been received and capture proof of delivery, and track how much has been delivered and manage yields

• Contractor personnel in the office (Project Engineers, Project Managers, Project Controls) to have visibility of daily job costs / yield to understand and manage budget

• Pump Operators to have visibility of material / mix information and whether they’ll be able to pump

• Material Testers / Inspectors to confirm deliveries comply with specifications, capture and append inspection / test results

• Owners / DOTs to immediately have access to received quantities and test results

• Material Suppliers / Producers to instantly know if loads are accepted or rejected, and have visibility of live test results captured in the field

• Concrete & Asphalt Producer personnel (plant operators, dispatchers, managers) to track and receive material coming into their plants

• Materials Haulers to provide dispatch with visibility on the material being hauled

• Accounts Payable personnel across all jobsite participants to ensure each load has been delivered/received and accounted for to streamline invoice reconciliation and payment processes

So, when we talk about CONNEX and eTicketing, we’re talking about more than just a digital replacement for your paper ticket.

We are talking about a process and a workflow that delivers visibility, accuracy, efficiency, and value to all stakeholders across the heavy building materials supply chain.

This video shows how eTicketing works to digitally connect your supply chain and reduce the chances of disruptions with real-time ticket information across the delivery cycle, jobsite, or project workflow.

Questions? Hit us up for a quick 15-minute chat to learn more!

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