Easily and Efficiently Work From Your Living Room with Your Data Living in the Cloud

July 15, 2020 Command Alkon

Companies have used cloud computing and big data for years.

But the rate of uptake is increasing. And there are good reasons for the change. Cloud computing and big data resources let IT employees check, maintain, and monitor server and storage installations in data centers, create resilient systems across the globe, cater to their remote workforce, and protect data and business applications’ integrity.

Lately, the pervasiveness of COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of work-from-home and remote work models and fueled demand for cloud computing, collaboration services, mobility tools and platforms, and big data services.

And while many construction contractors are still running on legacy systems, with all the remote work, they are now finding inefficiencies and see areas for improvement and the need for cloud-based solutions that highlight productivity.

How cloud-based data helps the enterprise and remote workers

Given an increasingly remote workforce, cloud computing and big data are more critical than ever – providing a whole host of benefits, from enhanced security to less network downtime to better operational efficiency:

  • Boosts data-driven decision-making Big data and cloud computing give executives a better remote view of the business and enhances their data-driven decision-making capabilities. For instance, supply chain optimization and defects tracking are simplified with material data on hand. Data is also vital for executives who want to increase customer engagement and loyalty and for CFOs who want to unearth new opportunities for cost reduction, revenue growth, and strategic investments.
  • Ensures more data safety and security Cloud-managed disaster recovery and security ensure companies avoid high network downtime costs. Also, hosting construction and accounting software in the cloud alleviates the need to VPN into a server back in the office.
  • Provides real-time data in a central system Cloud data gives general contractors, home builders, land developers, and subcontractors access to real-time data from project reports, contracts, budgets, plans, purchase orders, change orders, and more. With big data, operations and project managers see what’s going on in their projects—from what invoices are there to making change orders—and can then adjust.
  • Improves team communication Cloud data enables team communication from any internet-enabled device – whenever they need, from wherever they are.

Ready to enhance your firm’s productivity with cloud computing and big data capabilities? CONNEX Jobsite lets you work from any location and access the data you need. From order and material management to trucking timecards and material reporting, you’ll have the information you need daily, to track job costs, and make proactive adjustments to your processes.

Hungry for more? Take a deeper dive into the value of CONNEX Jobsite!

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