Culture is Key in Driving Digital Transformation

January 13, 2021 Karli Langner

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Delivering customer-centric value is the name of the game in business today, and companies are hitting the ground running to figure out how to deliver these experiences before they’re “cancelled.”

As organizations seek to redefine how they create, deliver, and capture value, many are looking to digital technologies to stay competitive. Death by disruption occurs by a thousand cuts – damage that could have been avoided by modernizing to a digital tech stack. The road to digital transformation is not always easy, but it is better — and less painful — than the alternative.

Since many firms are on the fast-track to technology adoption, long-term strategies are not sustainable, but the issue is that implementation is often expedited and done without consideration for the cultural impact of these businesses. In order to be successful, it’s important that businesses approach their digital transformation with company culture and the behavior of their employees in mind.  

Processes, infrastructure, and technologies can constantly be optimized, but without thinking about and addressing the people element, it’s impossible to deliver lasting cultural change. Company culture is at the heart of the organization, and without a functioning heart, your business will perish.

Fostering A Digital Culture

Part of any successful transformation is having the appropriate leaders to champion it, requiring support and buy-in by those in all levels of the organization. True change occurs when the entire organization is aligned with the digital transformation strategy and feels like they are participating in it.

If decisions are made the same way they always have been, if innovation isn’t supported at all levels, and if leaders squash change and agility, employees will sense the disconnect between words and action, and change will quickly grind to a halt.

Companies can activate leadership characteristics by creating everyday opportunities for leaders to serve as role models of the new behaviors; for example, they can introduce new routines and rhythms to daily work to reflect desired behaviors.

Best practices reveal that the highest rates of adoption come when a company starts with a bottom-up approach, training daily users first so that they can engage with the technology and build up their experience. It can be beneficial for an executive-level individual to select an internal champion that not only promotes the use of the new innovations and their benefits, but also builds camaraderie and inspires the entire team to embrace the new process too.

Successful implementations will encourage team members to keep moving forward. With the right processes, effective training, and patience, technology implementations will build further success in the journey to digital transformation.

Jarrod LaRocco, Project Controls Manager at BOND Civil & Utility, knows what it takes to be a champion for digital transformation. He played a huge role in the implementation of CONNEX Jobsite to eliminate paper tickets on the jobsite. Check out this story highlighting the value that the solution brings to their operations.

For more information on CONNEX Jobsite, or to contact someone to begin your journey to digital transformation, visit

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