Command Alkon and Ruckit Deliver Immediate Time to Value for Daily Management of Hauling and Materials Costs on the Jobsite

February 18, 2021 Press Releases

Cloud-Based Solutions Enable Automated Invoice Reconciliation and AP for Inbound Construction Materials – On the Jobsite and At the Plant

Birmingham, AL – February 18, 2021 – Command Alkon, the provider of the leading supplier collaboration platform for construction’s heavy work, and Ruckit, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Command Alkon specializing in collaborative transportation management software, are addressing the lack of visibility into materials and transportation costs with technologies for immediate adoption.  The solution stack addresses issues related to manual paper ticket workflows by removing time delays associated with manual entry, capturing daily material and haul costs and spend rates, and enabling precision record-keeping by automating invoice reconciliation and AP processes.

CONNEX is Command Alkon’s software technology platform for the construction materials community.  With the addition of Ruckit’s capabilities, CONNEX can now digitize and utilize inbound load data from any supplier and from any source; printed paper tickets, hand-written paper tickets, as well as digital ticket data from CONNEX or any supplier’s ticketing and dispatch system. 

“CONNEX Jobsite, for contractors and project owners, enables you to manage one ticket data instance for both your hauling and material invoices,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Vice President of CONNEX at Command Alkon. “Easily see tickets in the system that have or have not been invoiced, as well as invoices that have or have not been paid. Stay completely up to date with accruals and understand what’s outstanding from a payables standpoint.”

In this new world, all of the tickets and invoices live in one place while AI technology automatically matches up every line item, flagging the user if they are being overbilled or highlighting other exceptions requiring clarification.  With all of the ticket data in the cloud, business insights are immediately available to provide an unmatched perspective of inbound material costs, including transportation, on a daily basis.   

“Project Managers can spend hours matching tickets with invoices that come in, and still not have the daily insight they need to make decisions that keep their job or operational costs within margins.” said Michael Bordelon, Director of Product Development for CONNEX at Command Alkon. “The solution provides a complete picture of all the loads that come in; it takes all of the data on the invoice and matches it against actual ticketing data for deliveries in the system. This is valuable because in instances where there is a missing ticket, a duplicate invoice, or if materials have already been billed on another invoice, the system can catch that quicker and easier than a human can.”

For more information on how Command Alkon and Ruckit are delivering solutions that can make an immediate impact in capturing savings for the inbound materials aspects of your projects, visit

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