Three Ways Data Warehousing Can Improve Your Business

July 1, 2018 Karli Langner

Knowledge is Power.

Data Warehousing combines all of the data from your operational systems, financial applications, and time and attendance programs into one single, integrated platform to help improve decision making. Here are the top three ways that data warehousing improves your business:

1. Increase Production

Data warehousing improves the productivity of your business by creating a database of consistent, subject-oriented historical data. It integrates data from multiple systems in to a form that provides one view of the organization. By transforming data into meaningful information, your business can make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Having information that helps you to do more with less time can set you apart. Data and daily reports that generate improvements in productivity helps to achieve more in the shortest amount of time, making you a winner with your customer. Accurate customer metrics also allows you to negotiate competitive pricing as well as collaborate on  performance improvements with your customers.

3. Add to Your Bottom Line

Real-time data delivery to your desktop and  mobile devices highlights exceptions and exposes trends so you can make timely, accurate decisions that keep your operational and material costs in check. Budget Analysis and Sales Forecasting allows you to manage your sales pipeline, avoid missed  opportunities, and bid on only the right jobs.
Command Alkon's Data Warehousing solution, COMMANDperformance is designed for Construction Materials Producers. No need to spend additional hours and dollars customizing off-the-shelf solutions for your needs. Contact us to learn more about how this product can help you make sound business decisions and improve your operations.
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