How Data Sharing Can Boost Effective Supplier and Buyer Relationships

July 30, 2020 Command Alkon

Command Alkon always touts about how our systems provide “one single version of the truth” through sharing data.

But what exactly does that mean, and more importantly, how does that benefit your company?

Our CONNEX platform connects suppliers, haulers, producers, and contractors, allowing them to share information to improve:

  • Planning, enabling you to know where your trucks and materials are at all times, and so that you know personnel is at the right place at the right time.
  • Efficiencies so that deliveries are timed accurately.
  • Decision-making with actionable information.

The most important factor of working from “one single version of the truth,” is that this visibility brings the same information to everyone connected on the platform.

Every supply chain constituent has access to the same information. If the information changes in one place, it changes for everyone. For example, if you order one truck, but decide later on to order another truck, everyone on the jobsite knows to expect two trucks to arrive.

Some people, however, may be hesitant to share their data. To avoid being left out of productivity and efficiency gains earned with supply chain trading partner sharing, these “silo-minded” people must learn to trust their partners.

How can buyers establish trusting relationships with their suppliers?

It would be best to build these relationships, nurturing them by improving communication, providing adequate lead time, and paying promptly. Don’t expect this to happen overnight. Building trust in your supply chain partners takes time and can be improved by:

  1. Communicating regularly to grow your relationship into a long-term partnership – be in touch with your partners frequently; share goals and discuss how to meet them.
  2. Sharing order information and demand will help reduce lead time so that materials arrive on time. 
  3. Paying bills quickly and in full consistently. If you ever need a rush shipment in the future, your suppliers will be more willing to help out.

Once trust is gained, your partners will be more than willing to share data.

Once they realize how easy it is to share information using Command Alkon’s CONNEX platform and the benefits they receive from sharing, they will be more willing to share. 

CONNEX provides information insights to trading partners, showing you how they are performing so you can notify them that they need to step up and keep on track. Part of the platform capabilities, CONNEX Insights, is an analytics platform that takes data transmitted across the CONNEX platform from all partners that are connected and run analytics on the information for monitoring KPIs, performance, and more. The data is available to everyone – and it is the latest, most up-to-date version of the information from across the platform. Therefore, everyone has “one single version of the truth.”

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