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Tired of paper tickets? Most back-office operations are still riddled with inaccurate load data, lost tickets, and a tedious reconciliation process just to generate invoices. With roughly 250 million heavy work materials delivery tickets being handled each year in North America alone, there are significant savings to be had by going paperless. • What Could Paper Processes Be Costing You?: The cost of a physical ticket, time spent by drivers, operators, and billing personnel handling tickets, and retyping data all add up to higher costs and lower efficiency. Industry sources say the cost of processing a single ticket is $3 to $6 based on your business processes. In addition, the lack of visibility into load adjustments on the ticket limits your ability to resell concrete. • Boost Driver and Dispatch Efficiency: Driver ticket information is available on the mobile app, reducing the amount of questions for dispatch and eliminating the risk of losing the ticket on the job site. Reduces radio traffic, allowing dispatch to focus on coordinating schedules and getting orders in to the system. • Reconcile Invoices Quicker: Tickets are downloaded directly to financial software and after importing, the tickets can be billed, reducing the amount of time it usually takes for invoicing. Back-office staff boast that an invoicing process that used to take 6-8 hours can now be reduced by at least 50%, even to as low as a single hour. • Keep Customers Happy: Cost savings are also passed on to your customers' jobsite operations and the overall customer experience is improved as they immediately are emailed the delivery ticket as soon as the delivery has occurred. MOBILEticket REVUS1

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