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Want to boost quality and improve costs? It goes without saying that quality control is so important in construction work. Poor quality results in additional costs and delays when work has to be redone, a poor reputation for producers, additional costs to clients when defects have to be repaired later, and most importantly - injury or even death if the structure fails. • Optimize Each Pour: Demonstrate raw materials' conformance with specifications. Optimize concrete mixes to comply with strength, durability, and aggregate grading requirements while controlling mix costs. • Manage Your Mix: Produce concrete mix submittals in a fraction of the time they take to produce manually. Make adjustments for performance, price, and inventory in bulk, and save valuable time while ensuring accuracy. • Put an End to Out-of-Tolerance Loads: Monitor batch production tolerances historically or in real time to reduce out-of-tolerance loads and reduce waste. • Documentation to Build Trust and Authority: Create professional reports and documentation to enhance your image and access QC data at all levels of the organization while limiting data viewing based on need. COMMANDqc REVUS1

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