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COMMANDoptimize ™ Want to deliver the same or greater volume with fewer trucks? You don't have to invest in more drivers or trucks to grow your business, instead get more out of the trucks you have. In a strong market, each truck in your fleet can deliver another 5-10 loads per month with consistent, effective dispatch decision-making. Watch your profit and performance metrics soar to new levels with dispatch optimization. $1,000+ savings per truck per month Reschedule the entire dispatch day in seconds COMMANDoptimize will: You want to: Efficiently react to changes during the dispatch day Create an optimal solution for each day's deliveries using planning algorithms that take into account all customer requirements Remove error and bias and consistently make cost-effective decisions Extract truck and driver utilization across your entire network of plants Reduce non-productive time Consistently achieve the optimal balance between service and cost in each and every dispatch decision Improve on-time delivery, delivery capacity, and quantity per driver hour

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