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Want to deliver the same or greater volume with fewer trucks? You don't have to invest in more drivers or trucks to grow your business, instead get more out of the trucks you have. In a strong market, each truck in your fleet can deliver another 5-10 loads per month with consistent, effective dispatch decision making. Watch your profit and performance metrics soar to new levels with dispatch optimization. • Consistency is Key: Dispatch optimization software constantly re-evaluates your dispatch plan and updates it in real time. Consistently manage the overwhelming complexities and volume of decisions that have to be made on a minute-by-minute basis with optimized decision making. • More Volume In Less Time: The average driver has about three hours of nonproductive time each day. Optimized utilization of your drivers can reduce man hours, get materials to the job site on time, and allow you to deliver more volume in less time. This can add up to significant savings at the day's end. • Fully Customizable – Tailor to Your Objectives: COMMANDoptimize can enhance both service and utilization by determining the best way to schedule the day's business based on your priorities. You can tailor the program to achieve the desired balance between service and efficiency that is optimal for your specific objectives. • Human Logic + Technology = Optimization: The solution employs an advanced, continuously evolving business algorithm that has been tested and proven in the industry. It's meant to harness excellence and generate breakthrough results and greater revenue, not to compete with humans. In fact, the tool is meant to have a symbiotic relationship with the user. COMMANDoptimize REVUS1

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