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Want Visibility into the Properties of your Fresh Concrete While in Transit? All ready mix producers feel the impact of that missing piece of the puzzle, not knowing for sure how your concrete is holding up once it leaves the yard. Imagine having data available on the properties of your fresh concrete throughout the delivery cycle. • Eliminate Wasted Time and Material: Quality personnel can rely on the historical load data to evaluate and optimize mix designs, reducing overdesign to ensure specifications are met. Waste of materials is reduced, the possibility of rejected loads is minimized, and less time is spent by personnel adjusting loads and waiting on mix homogeneity. A fleet of 100 trucks can recognize $60K+ annual savings in driver time improvements alone! • Consistently Meet Customer Requirements: Sensor data provides visibility into the properties of the concrete mix in the drum of the mixer including slump, temperature, volume, water additions, W/C ratio, and drum rotation and direction. Data is returned in real time to the batch operator, allowing for adjustments on future loads. • Improve Safety of Drivers: The external display or tablet allows drivers to evaluate the homogeneity of the mix without climbing onto the drum of the truck. Not only does this save time, but drivers aren't climbing up ladders, cutting down on the number of slips, trips, and falls. • Minimal Hardware Delivers Maximum Insights: The underlying technology consists of a probe deployed in the drum of the truck, a solar panel and flowmeter on the outside of the drum, a readout on the outside of the truck, and a tablet in the cab with little hardware to maintain. Load Assurance (Formerly COMMANDassurance) REVUS1

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