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Command Alkon Load Assurance 120123 Arrive And Pour Load data is updated every minute– so you're ready to pour upon arrival! A heavy-duty probe installed in the drum provides a constant view of concrete properties at the plant, while in transit, and on arrival. Concrete telematics data from the drum are measured in real-time and shared with drivers, dispatch, and production, including: 9 Slump 9 Temperature 9 Water-Cement Ratio 9 Water Added and Allowed 9 Revolution Speed, Count, and Direction 9 Volume Bringing Together People and Technology to Advance the Heavy Building Materials Industry Load Assurance Bottom Line Savings • Minimize Disposal Fees. As much as 75% of returned concrete is safe to reuse following ASTM standards • Save ~10 Minutes Per Load. On average Load Assurance customers recoup 10 minutes for every load, spending less time at the plant validating the slump and at the jobsite adjusting and testing loads • Faster Onboarding & Better Retention. In-cab tablets simplify concrete slump testing and accelerate driver onboarding, making the job more appealing and reducing training time by 50% according to users • Reduce Worker's Comp Claims. Eliminating the need to climb in and out of the cab and up the slump rack and mixer ladder reduces slips, injuries, and worker compensation claims • Prevent Costly Disputes. Objective, reliable load measurements help prevent disputes and reduce the need to issue 'goodwill' credits • Minimize Overdesign. Consistent load data ensures you meet specs, avoiding costly overdesign • Optimize Resources. Use reliable load data to keep drivers productive while reallocating QC teams during the delivery process, saving time and resources Copyright © Command Alkon Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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